About Us

Our commitment

Being expatriate can be a real challenge for you but also for your children. By offering them a personalized learning support, you maximize their chances of chances to succeed.

My First Tutor supports each student on their own way to success while unlocking their potential and giving them a love of learning.

My First Tutor is a key to success at school in expatriation.

Our educational team is fully committed to ensure the success of our students

My First Tutor team is made of passionate Educational Advisors and Teachers who are rigorously selected.

The role of the Educational Advisor is to diagnose the students’ situation, to define pedagogical goals and to fine the best support solution.

In close collaboration with teachers and parents, the Educational Advisor ensures that the goals are achieved using their experience and knowledge of school issues.

Our team of Teachers is composed of UAE Ministry of Interior registered professionals who already teach in French schools in the country. Others kind of profiles complement the team: graduate of psychology, student in physics or retiree of the education sector; that all bring their beneficial experience to our students

Our mission

Unlock the potential of our students

Our approach consists in re-teaching the lessons covered at school and inculcate our students with methodology to ensure long term progress and increase their self-esteem. To that end, we have selected high skilled and experienced teachers, using efficient and individualized strategy.

Our methods are extensive and are adaptable to each student level, to their uptake abilities through customized activities, multiple educational resources and individualized follow-up.

We notably adapt our approach applying the FLE and FLAM methodologies to a young audience.

Our values

The group dynamic: pledge of emulation and altruism

The group sessions foster a constructive work dynamic by conciliating individual support and group emulation.

The group are composed of 8 students in average and the sessions last from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the level and subject.

Our students create a strong link together and with their teacher in a positive atmosphere that encourages team work and each other appreciation.

Contact your educational adviser: + 971 56 336 6931

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