In Elementary school, students shall acquire multiple notions to make sure they succeed at school.

My First Tutor teams make all necessary efforts to:

  • arise students’ interest in an encouraging way,
  • Illustrate the importance of studying with tangible examples of situation,
  • Develop customized techniques to stimulate memory,
  • Learn how to be organized and follow their schedule combining work and rest.

With the My First Tutor group tutoring, you offer to your child an individualized support, punctually or regularly.

Group Tutoring are perfect for students that face difficulties to learn, concentrate and who need to consolidate the fundamental themes of Elementary level; the French being their mother tongue or not.

The group tutoring sessions gather a group of maximum 4 students of a similar level.

Homework help in Elementary School enable to assess learning on a regular basis and to ensure the uptake of the notions covered at school.

Homework help is suitable to students without any real difficulties, but who need supervision when doing their homework and preparing tests.

Within a group of 8 to 10 students, we support the implementation of lessons while encouraging autonomy.

Bringing the work back to standard and review sessions are part of the agenda of our Holidays Review, in a playful manner. Training to written and oral expressions, training to mental math, method reminders… are a way to learn or re-learn basic concepts and better start or continue the scholar year!

Use their school breaks to improve and take profit from My First Tutor Online programs.

1 hour session

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