High School

In high school, in addition to the importance that their social network, real or virtual, takes in their lives, students must assimilate a volume of knowledge twice higher than in Middle School whose degree of complexity is much greater. There is also a need for serious thinking about the future and making the right orientation decisions: whatever the professional project of our students, My First Tutor ensures that High School students achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

My First Tutor solutions focus on:

  • Organization: the objective is to work efficiently and regularly to avoid catching up at the last minute of knowledge assimilated and thus calmly apprehend the arrival of the tests of the Baccalauréat,
  • Developing a revision routine to ensure a healthy balance between their teen life and school responsibilities,
  • Discipline: It is only through discipline and a good working method that we can avoid or reduce the accumulation of delays. When you are at level, self-confidence and motivation also come back.

If our students realize that their bases are fragile, My First Tutor enables to consolidate these notions in the form of reminders of the previous classes.

Once the delay is over, the lessons are repeated and deepened to ensure steady progress.

The group tutoring sessions are organized in small groups of up to 4 students of the same level on the same subjects.

An educational support, be it even little, organized at the earliest provides a sound basis for the new lessons in High School.

Within a group of 8 to 10 students, we support the review of the lessons, the methodology and their implementation with the homework help.

As we approach the Baccalaureate exams, we also offer preparatory courses combining revision, training and methodological advice, given by specialist teachers of the exam. We also offer courses in methodology, refresher courses and consolidation. Take advantage of their holidays and discover the 10-week revision program of the Baccalaureate with My First Tutor Online.

1:30 or 2 hour sessions

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