Middle School

Changes in Middle School are numerous: one teacher by subject, new subjects, new environment and new responsibilities.

Middle schoolers are requested to anticipate, be organized and develop new skills such as analytical and synthesis capabilities.

On a personal level, the adolescence is a time when the teenagers are facing doubts, put themselves in question, they discover, test themselves, request more freedom and face some difficulties when projecting into the future.

In such context, My First Tutor focuses on:

  • Organization and time management to find the proper balance between their breaks and studies,
  • Memorization and efficiency techniques,
  • Decrease of accumulated delays, that enable restoring self-esteem and taste of learning of difficult subjects.

With the My First Tutor group tutoring, you offer to your child an individualized support, punctually or regularly.

The middle-schoolers who have accumulated difficulties over the years will find here a great opportunity to catch up with their studies and start up on a sound basis.

The group tutoring sessions gather a group of maximum 4 students of a similar level.

Homework help sessions in Middle School enable to assess learning on a regular basis and to ensure the uptake of the notions covered at school.

Under the supervision of our teachers, the students are encouraged to show autonomy and organization skills while developing analytical and synthesis capabilities.

Within a group of 8 to 10 students, we support the implementation of lessons while instilling methodology.

With the fast-approaching nation Brevet exam, our exam specialist teachers propose preparation sessions that include lesson review, training and methodology advices to maximise their chances of success.

We also propose update training sessions and reinforcement training sessions that both comprise methodology tips.

Use their school breaks to improve and take profit from the 10 week exam preparation programs from My First Tutor Online.

1:30 hour Session

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